Mousse Magazine #33

The new issue of Mousse Magazine has Untitled (Deck Prism?), 2009 on the cover and includes an interview, titled "Techniques in Marriage", between myself and Clara Meister.


Towards a Warm Math
(curated by Chris Wiley)

On Stellar Rays
133 Orchard Street
New York, NY

thru June 3


Photography Is

Higher Pictures
980 Madison Avenue
New York, NY

thru May 26


second nature: abstract photography then and now
deCordava Sculpture Park and Museum
51 Sandy Pond Road
Lincoln, MA

May 26 - April 21, 2013

Artists include: David Akiba, Lucas Blalock, Mel Bochner, Stan Brakhage, Cree Bruins, Caleb Charland, Talia Chetrit, Harold Edgerton, Matthew Gamber, Meggan Gould, Bryan Graf, Sharon Harper, Greg J. Hayes, Julia Hechtman, Corin Hewitt, Barbara Kasten, György Kepes, Alejandra Laviada, Isaac Layman, Daniel Lefcourt, Aspen Mays, Elizabeth McAlpine, Yamini Nayar, Arthur Ou, Anthony Pearson, Daniel Phillips, Luther Price, Eileen Quinlan, Mariah Robertson, Hugh Scott-Douglas, Aaron Siskind, Luke Stettner, Sara VanDerBeek, and Jennifer West.

Second nature is organized by Lexi Lee Sullivan, Assistant Curator.

Second nature is made possible in part by generous support from Beth and Richard Marcus.


Also please check out my second Art21 New York Close Up film

"Lucas Blalock Gets A Little Help From His Friends"


The artist Gabriela Salazar and I curated a show of Skowhegan alumni that opens on Thursday March 8 (6-8PM) at the 92Y in Tribecca. Hope you can makle it out!

OPTOTYPE: Skowhegan at the 92Y Tribeca

Artists: John Houck (08), Beth Campbell (97), Dave McKenzie (00), Sreshta Rit Premnath (09), Devin K. Kenny (09), Bonnie Begusch (11), Elijah Burgher (11)

Curators: Gabriela Salazar (11) and Lucas Blalock (11)
Proposal curator: Carrie Springer, Senior Curatorial Assistant at the Whitney Museum of American Art

[An optotype is a standardized symbol for testing vision. Optotypes can be specially shaped letters, numbers, or geometric symbols. For instance, to determine visual acuity, optotypes of different sizes are presented to a person and the smallest size is determined at which the person can reliably identify the optotypes. – Wikipedia]

The optotype is both a representation of something communicable and a tool used to test for the ability to see. The optotype makes literal the duck/rabbit oscillation inherent to text between a graphic reading and conceptual understanding. In an age when information is constantly flowing through systems visible and invisible, we have become ever more dependent upon text and language based systems for organizing and conveying this information. This is true in the traditional sense of language but also applies to the text that literally underwrites our experience of the computerized and the digital.

The artists in this show use various text-based systems to create images that somehow either “read” or “write” information in a way that the information itself is made visible, and its accumulation, pictorial. The information they use may be created by the artists themselves, or culled from the public domain, may be procedural, personal or magical, but in all cases it is pushed through a system to create a picture. In viewing these works—some of which are made, or remain, illegible within the image itself—the viewer becomes aware of the delimiting power of the informational structures around us. The question becomes not “What is the picture of?”, as we live in a world nearly overwhelmed by pictures; but, “What decisions constitute the image? What is its program?”

Two upcoming group shows I am very excited to be a part of

“I Surrender.” Devening Projects + Editions, Chicago, IL, March 11 – April 14, 2012

“I Know This but You Feel Different” (curated by Meredith James and Shara Hughes), Marc Jancou Contemporary, New York, NY, March 8-April 14
Opening Reception: Thursday March 8, 6-8pm


Interview for Layflat with Sarah Conaway! read it here


xyz at Ramiken Crucible is reviewed in the January issue of Art In America. read it here


Interview for Layflat with Owen Kydd! read it here


Towards a Warm Math is included in “The Book / On Our Shelves” feature in Fantom #08 and is one of Adam Bell’s choices for Best Photo Books of 2011 on Photoeye. see the Best of list here


ARTFORUM Critic’s Pick of xyz at Ramiken Crucible by Chris Wiley. read it here
Interview for Layflat with John Houck! read it here
xyz written about in Art in America’s Thursday Lookout. here

GaleristNY review of xyz. read it here

Really excited that my work is discussed in Chris Wiley’s great article about contemporary American photography in Frieze. read the article here



I made a “artist-edition paper airplane” for the November issue of The Believer. More info here


Lucas Blalock


November 6 – December 23, 2011
Opening Sunday, November 6, 6 – 9pm

Ramiken presents xyz, a solo exhibition of new work by Lucas Blalock.

Blalock enthusiastically deploys any method that can be used to construct a picture, provided it is contained within the procedural program of photography. Each picture begins on film, shot with a 4×5 camera by the artist; digital interventions follow. Blalock leaves his pictures unprotected from these overlapping strategies, which often contain overly elaborated procedures lifted from the technical production of commercial photography. Patterns merge and mutate, inflected by color corrections that do not correct and masks that do not fit. We see the machine working; the technology that was originally conceived of as invisible is put on stage to act among the intersecting possibilities of the mechanical, the procedural, the historical… Through this apparatus a play is produced that opens out onto uncanny and libidinal economies of physical objects. Blalock’s images could be seen to function in the same way that jokes do for a comedian: they are immediate, and perform themselves while at the same time conjuring the world (the picture and the pictured). In the spirit of a slapstick pratfall, Blalock’s work carries on the experiment with humor and absurdity.

above: Double Chimney, 2011, chromogenic print, 24 × 20 inches

RAMIKEN CRUCIBLE 389 Grand Street NY, NY 10002 (917) 434-4245 www.ramikencrucible.com



Thrilled to have a group of works included in FOAM’s Talent exhibition opening October 13 in Amsterdam


I am very excited to have made a new work for he current issue of Loosee!!

Loosee is a monthly, single page editioned print that explores images as objects. Each month, an artist is invited to create an edition with the following constraints:
The piece must fit on a single piece of 11 × 14 inch paper.
The viewer of the work completes the piece through various operations; folding, cutting, creasing, rolling, etc.
Instructions for activating the work are part of the work.
Each work is available as a signed and numbered print in an edition of 25. Loosee is a project started by John Houck in the Spring of 2011.

for more info or to order go here


Very excited to announce that a portfolio of my work is included in the Talent Issue of Foam International Photography Magazine. More info here


I have a picture in Self Publish, Be Happy’s new book Self Publish, Be Naughty. More info here


Excited to announce that I will have work in

Face, Head and Shoulders. The Contemporary Photographic Portrait

Discover new sides of photography when 26 young, international artists show whimsical and complex
work in the group exhibition Face, Head and Shoulders. The exhibiting artists challenge and debate
the concept of a portrait based on the visual language they have developed. A large part of them have
never exhibited in Denmark in spite of their international status. Technically the pictures span from
hand-manipulated black/white darkroom prints to digitally composed work. Among the artists we
have, for example, Bill Sulivan (US) who photographs found self-portraits of young women directly
on his computer screen and Valdemar Jørgensen (DEN) who has a more performative approach to his
work that is mostly made up of staged self-portraits.

Erica Allen (US), Marie Angeletti (FR), Flemming Ove Bech (DK), Lucas Blalock (US), Steven Brahms
(US), Grant Cornett (US), Charlotte Dumas (NL), Gerald Edwards III (US), Peter Helles Eriksen (DK),
Thobias Fäldt (SE), Fryd Frydendahl (DK), Thomas Hauser (DE), Valdemar Jørgensen (DK), Andreas
Laszlo Konrath (UK), Mårten Lange (SE), Wayne Liu (CH), Joshua Lutz (US), Michael Madsen (DK),
Matthew Monteith (US), Frankie Nazardo (IT), Jenny Nordquist (SE), Justin James Reed (US), Johan
Rosenmunthe (DK), Diana Scherer (NL), Bill Sullivan (US), Isabelle Wenzel (DE)

Ny Tap, Carlsberg, Pasteursvej 52
1799 Copenhagen, Denmark

Opening party: September 15. 2011, 5-10 PM
Open: September 15. – October 15.

Very excited to announce that my first video as part of Art21’s New York Close Up is available here


Available now from Hassla! Get it here


New interview with Ruth van Beek on The Photography Post. See it here


My work is mentioned in Rebecca Robertson’s “Building Pictures” article in the March issue of ARTnews (along with a picture in the print edition). see it here


The first part of a new interview with Zoe Crosher on The Photography Post! read it HERE


New interview w/ Jason Fulford on The Photography Post! read it HERE and check out Jason’s current project HERE


Video interview on Self Publish, Be Happy about the making of I Believe You, Liar. see it here


Happy to announce the launch of Common Language Projects, a collective endeavor w/ Boru O’Brien O’Connell and Sam Falls.
“Common Language facilitates artists and photographers working on assignment. We are based in Brooklyn, New York.” more here


iceberg, iceberg, iceberg, New York, 2009. 36 pp., 25 color illustrations, 8×8”.


Dear Ms. Patty Pacifica or Current Resident,

I like to think of cooing. it is among the warmer thoughts. especially nice in French which seems a warmer language except when it’s not. Isn’t it funny how cold warm things used badly become. I would accept your TV if you had it, but seem truly and earnestly (to my own embarrassment) more interested in truth than fact and all that uninterrupted information would bring us back to the palimpsest (a screen) and a possible becoming tedious because the volume controls of strangers – even friends and lovers – are always different from the ones internal. It’s probably better if I listen to your speakers instead of getting greedy for headphones, or serialized programming.

As to. . . all of this is more lonely than sad but I am starting to relish this energy of impossible languages and unbridgeable gaps. The failures are all we have and I am no nihilist! I BELIEVE YOU, LIAR!! Light, sad? ‘luc’ is particle and wave both at the same time. I am torn. can you explain?

Thank you kindly,

Lucas Blalock

Available at

Self Publish, Be Happy”:http://selfpublishbehappy.com/shop/
Photo-eye Books and Prints, Santa Fe, NM
Eighth Veil, Los Angeles, CA
Center for Fiction Bookshop, New York, NY